Friday, March 25, 2016

Editor / Librarian for Roland JP-08: Boutique Helper

The Boutique Helper is an editor / librarian for Roland JP-08. Use it to improve your workflow because it gives you tons of benefits.

Some of the key features include:

- Real time control of all JP-08 parameters, both layers simultaneously when DUAL is enabled

- Accurate and adjustable mapping of each JP-08 parameter (from 0..127 CC values from 
  external MIDI controller to 0..255 internal JP values), with normal or inverse polarity, 
  on both layers simultaneously

- User assignable Velocity and Aftertouch

- Supports up to 2 external MIDI controllers, for example a keyboard and a knob controller

- Editor / librarian feature: patches created with JP-08 can be downloaded on the editor and 
  saved locally on the computer as .PRM files, standard format of patches saved inside 
  the JP (see backup/restore feature in JP manual)

- Patches in .PRM format can be loaded instantaneously from computer to JP (infinite patches 
  library ); they can be loaded on both layers automatically

- Editing and sound design of new patches can be done from external controller, from computer 
  (with fine adjustment of everything) or from the JP-08 panel (supporting echo of modified 
  parameters on both layers in real time)

- Backup of all JP-08 internal 64 patches, locally saved in the computer as .PRM files, 
  ready for a "Restore" function

- Quick recall: 8 most used patches can be assigned to 8 external controller buttons for immediate 
  recall (both layers loading supported and recommended)

- Init patch function: a flat starting point patch is created on JP-08 and local panel

- Randomize function: random values for each parameter are generated on JP-08 and local 
  panel. Funny and creative

- Direct and remote control of Delay, Portamento and Bender range

- Built-in input and output MIDI monitor for easy mapping and discovering of external controller 
  CC values

- Free version is fully working and allows patches saving on local computer. 

For more details please visit:

IMPORTANT NOTE: MIDI DIN (not USB) must be used with the editor because sysex messages are sent/received on Boutique synths only in this way!

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